Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome to my huge mansion.... Here is a brief summary of all my blogs under my name Lucie....

Welcome to my blogs/mansion...  

I am welcoming all readers to visit my ‘huge mansion’ hung with beautiful meaningful pictures and posts.   They are laced with inspirations and built on determination and engineered by purposeful hands with noble minds and guided by love.  All are welcome to visit every ‘rooms/blogs’.  The most visited room is my ‘happier and healthier tips’ which is going to stop at 5888 posted articles.  There is a continuing into one more similar blog. 

This huge mansion was built 6 years ago and is still expanding.  The raw materials of this huge mansion can range from educational to spiritual, from business to travels, from creative to innovative and from health in all 4 dimensions, from love to home education and most importantly to emphasize on doctors of the future.

My sitting room is decorated with lovely awesome fresh flowers from all over the globe. They are smiles of God that reminds me of Him. Lack of ideas?  Go to my Innovative creative delights that makes one think and be more than creative ever.  Delicious and nutritious foods that feed our body and mind and spirit can be found everywhere.  You will be filled and fed well.  Feel and think beyond those words meant as sweet positive memories and deeper reflections of mind and soul are all here. 

You will be served with fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables.  Not to forget you will taste my home made juices and drinks, not a drop processed. You will explore from family matters to social groups, from rallies to seminars, from office to training centers, from stages to platforms of success, from home to gardens and from our planet to the universe and other stars.

From my kitchen, healthy foods will be served.  The ‘tao’ of eating will be added into the eating menu. Health hazards and unhealthy practices not found here at all.  Read them to be smart as to prevent sickness.  I keep handy simple easy and cheap menus for not getting sick.  I have personally brought up my 5 kids without much medical care nor pills or medicines and it all started from what we kept in the kitchen and how we cook, serve and discipline them.

The hall of fame is hung with certificates of achievements from being an entrepreneur with successful and respectful Amway mentors and leaders. And souvenirs displayed from all places of visit I had had. You read them from diamonds in Dubai or collect them from FC, CA and Diamonds, all those awesome greatest leaders of Amway history now and in the future. Their fine achievements are examples to everyone.  No one is left uninspired.  ‘Seeing is believing’ and not to miss out great mandarin phrases and how can Lucy help? 

Travelling blogs with hundreds of photos from Lucy in Alaska, Japan, Rome, Dubai and more are motivations for those who love traveling.  Delicious foods, awesome scenes, landscapes, great shows, exhibitions, rallies, seminars, great friends, 5 star hotels, fine dining and red wine beautify those travel blogs.  These blogs really reminds me of the Arabian nights coming alive, full of excitement and inspirations.  Humble to say am so happy too to be the heroine inside those blogs.

We are 21st business people, be inspired to visit my supermarket at your fingertips and read from think business and be successful.  I have some good OPPs that share informative pictures that depict a thousand words.  Have a deeper look into Artistry, Espring, Atmosphere and be there on my online meetings.  Shape up to look younger and healthier..  One of my IBO said, Lucy, you are so far away, I said, no fear, go to my online meetings

You will move from the hall to visit the library where I keep tons and tons of health books.  The healthiest books available are books on how to group doctors of the future.  These collections are priceless… touching on all 4 dimensions of health, body, mind, emotion and spirit which filled up every article in my mother blog.  Not to forget that am adding some books that I am writing.  ‘Our 2 pages of life’ will be soon be for sale.

Not to forget that this library keeps and shares 101educare articles that is meant to educate and care for mankind.  Feed our minds, feed them well with positives, with greatness, with righteousness and be of good character.  Most important are those reminders that will boost our morals, our spirits and becoming stronger in faith and knowledge.  Not to forget for the kids..

My kids’ rooms are filled Walt Disney’s collections and they all have their own laptops to be connected worldwide and master the know-how of living.  Home education for my 5 kids are just the smaller collections kept here.  The real story is always hidden but within reach.  I don’t mind if they really listened, but I will continue teaching and sharing to many people’s children.  One day, the world will teach them in return.  They said, they will steal my knowledge without me knowing, these are my da vinci kids..

I have the prayer rooms where I install God to be seated at the highest.  I am just a small pencil in his hands. There, I am in private to whisper my love for you, Lord. Venture into my spiritual blog and be enlightened and seek inner peace and love within. That is the most alluring and rewarding reading ever.  The spiritual blog can feed the weakest faith and be renewed and restored.  Take your time, be it in the stillness of night or busy broad daylight to go through them. 

My passion in building this huge mansion is for all to understand what I understand and to be better, wiser, greater, happier, healthier and wealthier.  If I can’t add a smile, at least I can maintain that smile.  Romancing beautiful pictures, feast on good positive words, they matters… Love, love and love

The swimming pool is built to cleanse negatives, shredding off our human skin to accept higher spiritual enlightenment.  The magic of positive waters can help one to change from page 1 to dwell on page 2 and grow trees of hope and light.

Some of these beautiful pictures and photos are imported from facebook and internet.   Am very grateful indeed for these sources that so far permitted me to grace my blogs.  If you are still not having enough, open into innovative great quotes to soak in positives and inspirations.

Educating is sharing, learning is sharing, no bigger hard discs can keep them all but when shared all of us will have some share of them so aams not to get them lost.  Wait, I have another one.  There are some useful articles for students too.  Yeah, you can have motivation, inspiration, education, health or wealth, beauty or planet earth.  Just be in the room that you wish to be.  2 empty rooms are yet to be filled.  I am planning to use it to post my drawn pictures and designs. 

My huge mansion is permitted by goggle that provided this vast fertile land on which I not only build this mansion but also its magical spiritual gardens and trees of wisdom.  The caretaker is me, the host is me, the owner is me but am sharing to everyone who happens to trod on my ground of writings and pictures. 

Do not limit your visits, make more visits to my huge mansion to seek what people said are gold or diamonds.  All other blogs are within a click distance which I specially put behind the pink lily.  See the pink lily? Click the ones that you want to explore…  Not to forget, I have one special great mandarin quotes for those who can only read mandarin. 

Like I used to share, the internet at hand with our laptop is like a huge powerful bulldozer that can help us plough vast border less lands to be productive.  You can choose to plant any trees or even money.  Never underestimate the power of this laptop we are using.  It opens into the biggest unlimited encyclopedia that teaches talks, shows and shares every single information from all corners of the world.   What else can we want more?  Yes, come and grow with us.. This is the continuing of the mother blog.  

Wait, for my IBOs everywhere.. go Mediterranean Cruise, 2015. There is another 2 business blog, one is from CA, HQ Blog and the other one is updates from Team 101 powered by a young dynamic leader called Joseph.

Be with us, grow with us... 

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